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We’ve Increased Our Service Area!

Welcome to the folks from Orange and Petersham to Oppure Oil. We now deliver our pure, unblended heating oil to households in your communities. Refer to our service area map to see all the towns we service.

Here’s how Oppure stands out from other oil delivery firms:

  • We are a small, local business, veteran and family owned and operated, located in Winchendon, Massachusetts.
  • Our oil is 100% petroleum. We currently do not add biofuels to our oil.
  • We keep our prices low. We may not have the lowest price, but our oil is the highest quality, unblended fuel.
  • We make it easy. You can order online at our website, call, email, or use our online live chat service to order.
  • Whether you contact us by telephone, email, or our live website chat, you get to speak to real people, who are in our office. You are not sent to a call center or chatting with robots.
  • Our minimum purchase is 75 gallons. Most oil delivery companies require a purchase of 150 gallons or more. Our prices are not tiered. You pay the same price whether you purchase 75 gallons or 275 gallons!
  • Whether you are located right in Winchendon, or one of the towns further away, the price is the same for everyone.
  • We do not require that you maintain an account with us, or that you sign a contract.
  • Every time you purchase oil, your name is entered into our Annual Heating Oil Giveaway!