Budget Plan

Our Budget Savings Plan is Prudent

It just makes sense to budget ahead for heating costs. When it comes time to turn on the heat, you’ll have the security of knowing you can afford heating oil.

With our budget plan, you prepay for heating oil throughout the year. You choose the amount you want to save and whether you want to save weekly or monthly. We’ll only charge your credit or debit card as per your instructions. We will deliver oil when you need it, and it will be paid for through your savings plan until your savings run out. Any amount not covered by your budget plan will be charged to your card upon delivery.

If you are interested in our budget savings plan, please complete the form below.

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All weekly deductions are made on Thursday, unless it is a holiday. In which, case it will be deducted on the following Monday.
Check one if you have selected MONTHLY deductions. If that day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the deduction will be made on the following Monday.

By completing and submitting this form, I agree that Oppure Oil will withdraw the amount indicated from my credit or debit card on file at the frequency indicated until further notice. I understand that I can cancel my budget savings at any time and that Oppure Oil will refund any unused amount of budget savings within 30 days of my written request.

Our Mission

Oppure Oil, Inc. delivers quality heating oil at the most competitive price by operating debt-free, specializing our service, and simplifying the customer experience.