Automatic Delivery

No contract. No up-front costs. No stress.

Our automatic delivery is a free, convenient, and stress-free service. Oppure Oil’s technology assumes the responsibility of checking your oil tank and ordering the fuel for you using a degree-day system or upgraded real-time tank monitors. Our software prepares a delivery ticket when your tank is one-quarter full, more specifically, when the tank will accommodate 160 gallons of fuel for the standard 275-gallon tank. The system is capable of calculating summer usage, and other heat sources within the home. The automatic program is simply a convenient service. There is no contract, and this service can be started and stopped at any time for any reason.

It’s easy to set up automatic delivery, contact us by phone at 800.359.4802 or complete the form below.

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Upon sending this form, expect a quick call from our office the same or following business day. We will need to obtain verbal permission to change your account status to Automatic Delivery, confirm payment information, and set up for delivery.

Our Mission

Oppure Oil, Inc. delivers quality heating oil at the most competitive price by operating debt-free, specializing our service, and simplifying the customer experience.