Locally Owned & Operated

Mike Hatzopoulos, a Navy veteran, truck driver, and laborer founded Oppure Oil, INC in 2013 as a startup. Given this opportunity, he was able to build from the ground up, a completely new approach to the home heating oil delivery service. Since Oppure’s inception, many if not all original policies remain in effect and have proved relevant to the overall success of the company.

Oppure Oil’s ‘no frills’ approach is free of fees allowing us to deliver our product safely, kindly, affordably, and on time. We truly simplified the customer’s experience by only delivering un-blended heating oil, serving all customers at one low price.

Oppure Oil owns and operates its entire fleet of delivery vehicles and is not associated with any third-party web-based delivery operations.

Mike is a Winchendon resident who owns and operates the business located at 87 Central Street, Winchendon, Massachusetts.

Our Mission

Oppure Oil, Inc. delivers quality heating oil at the most competitive price by operating debt-free, specializing our service, and simplifying the customer experience.