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State of Readiness Coronavirus – COVID -19

April 1, 2020

Dear Customers and Staff,

In order to slow the spread, Oppure Oil has initiated a “Near Zero Contact Policy” until May 4, 2020, following the social distancing guidelines laid out by our government agencies local, state, and federal.  On March 23, 2020 we notified customers about the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and what changes and recommendations Oppure Oil was implementing to keep our staff and customers socially distant and safe.  Conveniently, our business practices lend a hand to support such a policy, as Oppure Oil does not need to enter customers’ homes in order to provide our service.  

Moving forward, at least until May 4, 2020, we will not be leaving metered delivery tickets at the customer’s door. All delivery tickets will be returned to the office. Leaving a delivery ticket onsite requires our drivers to handle your doorknob, thus creating the possibility of spreading the virus. Upon request a PDF copy of your delivery ticket will be emailed to you. Requests should be sent to info@oppureoil.com with a subject line of “PDF Ticket Request.” You can expect to receive it within three business days.

We love our cash customers, however the simple nature of handling cash creates a breech in social distancing guidelines. We can no longer accept cash payments being handed to drivers. We are requiring, until social distancing guidelines subside, that all cash payments be left for the driver in a non-licked envelope, or preferably in a plastic zip lock bag. Cash customers will have to identify, upon ordering, approximately how many gallons will be delivered. Our office staff can assist you as to how many gallons you can expect based on your tank gauge reading when you order a fill up. Upon ordering, let our office staff know where the cash will be left outdoors. Our driver will deliver the number of gallons covered by the amount of cash you have left. Delivery tickets for cash customers will automatically be e-mailed or mailed within three business days.

Our office staff needs to be extra vigilant during this time to double check delivery addresses, phone numbers, and email address, to ensure that the order is as accurate as possible for our drivers. Please help assist us in updating our records by confirming contact phone numbers and/or e mail address.

Our drivers are on the front lines. Drivers should keep trucks off driveways when possible to maintain social distancing. We request that you do not come outside to meet or engage the driver in conversation.

Heating oil delivery will continue on-time without interruption. We are continuing to accept minimum orders of 100 gallons until further notice.  Please be assured that we continue to work hard to provide you this essential service. We continue to welcome new customers and continue with our growth and service goals.

As we finish the 2019-2020 heating season and welcome spring, we are all facing a very serious pandemic. As the world is hunkering down, we are learning how to adapt our schedules and common practices, and figuring out how to continue forward to achieve our goals, both professional and personal. Remember the “Apex” is the battle. The Apex is predicted to arrive sometime within the next 7-21 days. Try to calibrate yourselves and your expectations for the long haul. Practice cooperation, flexibility, communication, kindness, national unity, personal safety and do it now. Do not underestimate this virus as not one person is immune. 

If I reach someone who already has been infected with Covid-19. My deepest and sincerest wishes for your speedy and full recovery. I commend you for your strength in isolation.  The only thing I can promise is I and my staff will work intensely to deliver your heating oil as we always have. 

With Kind Regards,

Mike Hatzopoulos