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The Lowest Price for Home Heating Oil in North Central Mass. Just Got Lower!

The current price for home heating oil is the lowest it has been in over two years!

Oppure Oil’s business model has been structured in such a way that allows us to take full advantage of this recent down-market. We operate at the lowest overhead possible. All of our business decisions are made with a common goal in mind: to maintain the lowest possible prices for our customers.

We specialize in home heating oil delivery, have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and understand both up and down market fluctuations. These factors allow us to deliver the same high quality home heating oil to you for less than our competitors.  We buy our oil for the same price, from the same suppliers as all other oil dealers in our area.

When we opened Oppure Oil, just over a year ago, our goal was not only to offer heating oil for less, but also to be transparent, allowing our customers to access their accounts online. Our online gateway has been updated several times since its launch. Our low daily price is posted on our website www.oppureoil.com every day.

We understand that many folks may have signed a contract to lock-in an oil price with another dealer this summer. Oppure Oil will never ask you to lock-in or sign a contract. We don’t offer those options for many reasons; the number one reason being that we have been outperforming them right along.

Oppure Oil offers the convenience of online ordering, the lowest prices in our delivery area, and we often deliver the same day you order.

Why wouldn’t you want to do business with Oppure Oil? We welcome your feedback. Feel free to email us at info@oppureoil.com.

Visit our website to order at today’s low price: www.oppureoil.com or contact us to set up automatic delivery: info@oppureoil.com or 800.359.4802. We look forward to doing business with you.