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Old Fashioned Service Has Come Full Circle

I like my job. I’ve been delivering oil for over 20 years. Prior to starting Oppure Oil, I was an oil deliveryman for another company.

When I started in this industry, customers paid about $150 to fill a tank with home heating oil. Today, it’s more like $650.

Back in the day, customers were happy to see the oilman pull up to fill the tank. I was usually greeted in a friendly manner. At Christmas time, I’d show up wearing a Santa hat. We were always busy during Christmas week because everyone wanted to have a full tank before the holidays. When I dropped off the bill, the customer would write a check on the spot, we’d wish each other a happy holiday, and I’d move on to the next delivery.

Over the years, as the price of oil rose, customers became a little less happy to see me. In fact, sometimes they actually became a little hostile. People are angry over the ever-increasing oil prices. Folks think that the delivery companies are ripping them off. However, while the price of oil has gone up, the profits made by the oil delivery companies have stayed about the same.

For example, let’s assume the oil delivery company charges $0.05 over their cost. If the oil company’s costs added up to $1.00 per gallon, you’d pay $1.05 per gallon. If the oil delivery company’s costs were $5.00 per gallon, they’d still only add a nickel to the price, and you would pay $5.05 per gallon.

By combining technology and efficiency with good old fashioned, personalized service, Oppure Oil manages to keep our costs down. We pass the savings on to our customers. Now when I show up to fill the tank, I’ve noticed the customers are getting friendlier. They appreciate the fact that we’re saving them money. In some cases our prices have been 40 or 50 cents less for the same quality product delivered by full-service oil companies.

So the next time I pull up to fill your tank, come on outside and say hello.