Keeping Prices Low

Our Low Costs Equal Low Prices for You

Oppure Oil’s low prices are lower than other oil companies for a reason. People often ask “How can Oppure Oil sell home heating oil much closer to cost than other oil companies and still earn a profit?”

Here’s how:

  1. Lowest Fixed Costs: We focus on operating at the lowest fixed cost possible. The business is operated from our home office, rather than from an expensive office space.
  2. Debt-Free Operation: Most households and businesses in America make sacrifices involving purchases. Oppure’s mission statement reminds us that we maintain a debt-free operation. If we can’t pay for it now, we don’t buy it.  
  3. Delivery Made Simple: At Oppure Oil is different! We only offer home and business heating oil delivery.  Rather than offering burner service, we partner with oil burner service companies. See our Providers page to find an independent burner service technician in your community.      
  4. Minimum Delivery: Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons. It would cost us more to deliver less oil, thereby increasing your cost.  
  5. No Hassle Payment: Our customers pay with a credit or debit card upon delivery. 
  6. One Price Discount Company: The price is the price. All our customers get the same low prices. It’s that simple. 
  7. Years of Full-Service Experience:  Last Spring I decided to build a patio using brick pavers. My lack of experience caused me to waste time and money trying to make it come outright. When I finally finished this project, I told my wife, “If I could just start over, it would come out so much better.” Heating oil has been my career since 1995. Like my patio, I have made mistakes and learned from them. This time I’m equipped with the knowledge of how to provide you heating oil at low prices. In fact, our prices are among the lowest in Central Massachusetts. 
  8. Fully Automated: We invested heavily upfront on technological automation that allows us the opportunity to offer you heating oil at much lower prices. Placing an order is just a click away. When we receive your order through our website, the entire process is fully automated. This helps us minimize our staffing needs and the savings are passed on to you.      
  9. Plan Your Delivery: Same-day delivery is costly. Oppure Oil automatically routes trucks to drive the least number of miles, while maximizing the number of deliveries. Planning your delivery helps us save time and money, savings that we can pass on to you. We make every effort to get heating oil to you within two business days. All you have to do is plan your delivery. 
  10. Heating Oil is Heating Oil:  Some oil companies try to justify their prices by promoting their product. For the most part, heating oil is all the same. After refining, heating oil travels to a distribution terminal. We all fill up at the same place with the same oil. Like all purchases, you compare “apples to apples.” Heating oil is heating oil.

Our Mission

Oppure Oil, Inc. delivers quality heating oil at the most competitive price by operating debt-free, specializing our service, and simplifying the customer experience.