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State of Readiness Coronavirus – COVID -19

April 1, 2020

Dear Customers and Staff,

In order to slow the spread, Oppure Oil has initiated a “Near Zero Contact Policy” until May 4, 2020, following the social distancing guidelines laid out by our government agencies local, state, and federal.  On March 23, 2020 we notified customers about the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and what changes and recommendations Oppure Oil was implementing to keep our staff and customers socially distant and safe.  Conveniently, our business practices lend a hand to support such a policy, as Oppure Oil does not need to enter customers’ homes in order to provide our service.  

Moving forward, at least until May 4, 2020, we will not be leaving metered delivery tickets at the customer’s door. All delivery tickets will be returned to the office. Leaving a delivery ticket onsite requires our drivers to handle your doorknob, thus creating the possibility of spreading the virus. Upon request a PDF copy of your delivery ticket will be emailed to you. Requests should be sent to info@oppureoil.com with a subject line of “PDF Ticket Request.” You can expect to receive it within three business days.

We love our cash customers, however the simple nature of handling cash creates a breech in social distancing guidelines. We can no longer accept cash payments being handed to drivers. We are requiring, until social distancing guidelines subside, that all cash payments be left for the driver in a non-licked envelope, or preferably in a plastic zip lock bag. Cash customers will have to identify, upon ordering, approximately how many gallons will be delivered. Our office staff can assist you as to how many gallons you can expect based on your tank gauge reading when you order a fill up. Upon ordering, let our office staff know where the cash will be left outdoors. Our driver will deliver the number of gallons covered by the amount of cash you have left. Delivery tickets for cash customers will automatically be e-mailed or mailed within three business days.

Our office staff needs to be extra vigilant during this time to double check delivery addresses, phone numbers, and email address, to ensure that the order is as accurate as possible for our drivers. Please help assist us in updating our records by confirming contact phone numbers and/or e mail address.

Our drivers are on the front lines. Drivers should keep trucks off driveways when possible to maintain social distancing. We request that you do not come outside to meet or engage the driver in conversation.

Heating oil delivery will continue on-time without interruption. We are continuing to accept minimum orders of 100 gallons until further notice.  Please be assured that we continue to work hard to provide you this essential service. We continue to welcome new customers and continue with our growth and service goals.

As we finish the 2019-2020 heating season and welcome spring, we are all facing a very serious pandemic. As the world is hunkering down, we are learning how to adapt our schedules and common practices, and figuring out how to continue forward to achieve our goals, both professional and personal. Remember the “Apex” is the battle. The Apex is predicted to arrive sometime within the next 7-21 days. Try to calibrate yourselves and your expectations for the long haul. Practice cooperation, flexibility, communication, kindness, national unity, personal safety and do it now. Do not underestimate this virus as not one person is immune. 

If I reach someone who already has been infected with Covid-19. My deepest and sincerest wishes for your speedy and full recovery. I commend you for your strength in isolation.  The only thing I can promise is I and my staff will work intensely to deliver your heating oil as we always have. 

With Kind Regards,

Mike Hatzopoulos


Plan ahead and budget with Oppure Oil

Discount Heating Oil North Central MA Oppure Spring is here and that means warmer weather! For those interested in planning ahead now for next year’s colder weather, here’s everything you need to know about budget plans with Oppure Oil:
  • You’ll get the same great daily price as all of our other customers.
  • There are no contracts or fees. Think of it as a savings account here, dedicated to your heating oil needs.
  • You decide when and how much to pre-pay each month.
  • You can request a refund at any time at no cost.
  • You’ll be upgraded to automatic delivery, which means you’ll earn a double entry into our Annual Heating Oil Giveaway with every delivery.
  • You can log into your account on our website anytime, night or day, and check to see when your next estimated delivery will be.
  • You’ll get oil when you need it without stressing out about whether you can afford it.
  • You can use the coupon below to save an additional $30 on your next three deliveries!
Start now and by next winter your account will be in fantastic shape!

5 Facts About Your Vent Piping

Discount Heating Oil North Central MA Oppure During the winter, we see many customers remove snow and ice from the fill pipe but not the vent pipe… but did you know it is more important to keep the vent pipe clear?  Although we certainly appreciate snow, ice and plants cleared from the fill pipe, we urge our customers to please take the time to do the same with your vent pipe.

Under normal operation (when we are not filling) your vent is designed to relieve the vacuum created from your oil burner pulling oil from the tank.  A blocked vent pipe can cause a no heat call.

Besides snow, ice and plants, another blockage culprit can be insects setting up shop inside your vent.  If we suspect a vent blockage, we will notify you and we recommend having the problem fixed right away using one of our neighborhood service providers.

A few facts about the vent piping:

  • The vent piping must be same size diameter or greater size diameter than the fill pipe.
  • The vent piping must be run and terminate above the fill pipe.
  • Vent pipes shall be installed as to drain toward one tank without sags or traps in which liquid can collect.
  • Vent pipes shall terminate outside of buildings at a point not less than two feet measured vertically or horizontally from any building opening.
  • Outer ends of vent pipes shall terminate in a weatherproof vent cap or fitting or be provided with a weatherproof hood.

If you have any questions about your vent pipe, call us and we may be able to provide answers or send you to one of our trusty Neighborhood Service Providers for a repair job.


What Do You Know About Your Oil Tank Gauge?

Discount Heating Oil North Central MA Oppure Did you know your oil tank gauge is a very important device?  Massachusetts oil burner code requires that a tank gauge be installed.  This is a very simple device but do not attempt to change out your gauge by yourself.  Without the proper training, you could end up damaging the new gauge you just purchased… or even worse, an improperly installed tank gauge could cause a leak the next time the tank is filled.

Tank gauges usually read in 1/8 increments and very rarely read completely full after the tank is filled.  This is due to manufacturers’ piping instructions when installing a device called a vent alarm.  Some gauges are combination vent alarm and tank gauge while others are just a tank gauge.

As a will-call customer, you are responsible to monitor your tank gauge and order oil manually, allowing sufficient time for delivery (see ‘Service Area’ for delivery expectation dates).  All gauges are not the most accurate, thus we recommending ordering oil prior to your gauge getting below ¼ full. This will allow plenty of time for us to get there and disregard any gauge error that may or may not be occurring.  For our automatic customers, the gauge is much less important since we will be coming automatically and filling your tank to make sure you will never run out of oil.

Did you know that you can buy an electronic tank gauge?  These handy devices have the range of a standard cordless phone and the receiver can be placed in a handy space perhaps in the kitchen thus eliminating the need to go the basement and check your tank gauge.  You can contact one of our neighborhood service providers for more information.


The Cold Hard Truth About Heating Oil

Did you know that our heating oil is the same exact stuff you can purchase from any homeDiscount Heating Oil North Central MA Oppure heating oil company? Yes, that’s right… they even get it from the same places we do.

The heating oil distribution chain is very simple. Large tanker ships pull into our harbors to offload their products. Prior to their arrival in our ports, our vendors (e.g., Exxon/Mobil, Gulf, Irving, Global, Sprague, ALPrime, etc) bid on the quantity they need to sell to their customers. From this part of the process alone, it’s easy to conclude that all heating oil is the same, because one tanker ship can sell to any supplier and it’s always going to be the same oil.

From our harbors, the oil is pumped into large storage tanks and distributed throughout the country. Large tank trucks pull the product from the harbors and bring it to inland storage tanks. Oil companies who operate near the harbors often pay less for their oil because they require less transportation.

In our area, we purchase our oil from the inland storage tanks, which is also where we fill our trucks. We have a variety of vendors to choose from and often switch it up. Somedays we load from ALPrime, and other days we load from a different vendor; it’s just a matter of who we are paying for the product. The oil from different vendors is not even separated in different tanks. It’s just like putting gasoline in your car – you don’t have to worry about mixing the same grade of gasoline from two different gas stations. This is how all of the other companies in our area operate as well, and when it comes time to load up the delivery trucks they are often waiting in the same lines as us.

Many of our higher priced competitors are lying about Oppure Oil, telling people that our oil is a lower quality because our prices are lower than theirs. Don’t believe them! These are just scare tactics being used in an attempt to invent a reason not to buy from us.

Some of our competitors even go as far as saying we add water to our oil! Let’s explore that statement for a minute. Water is heavier than oil and we all know the saying water and oil do not mix. So when you combine those two liquids, the oil floats above the water. Our trucks hold 3,000 gallons of oil and draw oil from the bottom of the tank. If we were to add, say, 100 gallons of water to our tank, this would mean that the first person we delivered to would receive all 100 gallons of the water.

There are no such thing as premium grades of heating oil like you see at the gas pumps. To understand the facts, as to why our oil costs less, visit our ‘How We Do It’ page.


Do You Want a Free Month of Home Heating Oil?

Wow! Our customers really did save money with Oppure this past winter!

Pink piggy bank with hundred dollar billsRecently, I’ve spent some time analyzing the numbers from our sales during this past winter’s heating season. I was a bit surprised at the results myself.

This past year Oppure Oil’s average price was $2.59 per gallon, while the average price statewide was $2.87 per gallon. That is just under 10% savings!  Since one month out of a year equals 8% this means our customers are saving an amount equal to one-month of oil.  That’s a free month!

With that kind of savings, why would you buy home heating oil from any other company? If you are not happy with Oppure Oil you can always go back to your old oil dealer and pay more.

Oppure Oil offers:

• The lowest prices in North Central Massachusetts;

• No contract automatic delivery service;

• Entry into our annual Heating Oil Giveaway, every time you get a delivery;

• Easy online ordering and access to your account information through our Heating Oil Gateway.

Thanks for doing business with us,

Mike Hatzopoulos, Owner
Oppure Oil, LLC


Bone Chilling Temperatures: Stay Safe & Warm by Keeping Oil in the Tank

young woman using tablet computer

Due to the extremely cold temperatures, New Englanders are burning more home heating oil, a lot quicker than in previous winters.

We want to remind you to order oil before your tank goes below a quarter full.

The deep snow and extreme cold, combined with increased demand, has slowed us down a bit. While we can sometimes get there sooner, we have temporarily extended our guaranteed delivery time to within 5 days for our on-demand customers.

If you are signed up for our Automatic Delivery service, you will never run out of oil. You are in our system and on our schedule. If you have not signed up for Automatic Delivery, we encourage you to do so. You pay the same
low price, and you can rest assured that your tank will have oil in it no matter how cold it gets.

Click here to learn more about Automatic Delivery.


Are You Buried?

Tips from Your Friendly Oppure Oil Delivery Guy.

With all of the snow that’s been dumped on us in the past couple of weeks, it has been a challenge for all of us to keep up with the plowing and shoveling! It’s no wonder many of us overlook the need to keep our fill pipes accessible.

In order for us to deliver your oil quickly and efficiently, and for your own safety, we offer these suggestions:

  • Remember, if you can’t get up your driveway, it’s unlikely that we can. Please keep your driveway cleared so we can get our truck close enough to your fill pipe. Our hose is 150 ft. long.
  • Make sure that gates are unlocked and cleared of snow.
  • Please keep your fill and vent pipes clear of snow.

We appreciate your cooperation and your business!


Are Lower Oil Prices Here to Stay?

I’m often asked if I know, whether oil prices are going to continue to drop. I am not an economist, so I cannot answer this question directly. My daily price is based on the cost of oil to me.

So many things affect the price of oil. Right now, it appears that world-wide supply outweighs demand. Part of the glut is due to increased U.S. production as a result of hydraulic fracking. Last month, OPEC ministers, members of the cartel that produces one-third of the world’s output, failed to agree on measures to tackle the current oversupply. According to Abdalla El-Badri, OPEC’s Secretary-General, this decision effectively sets the level of the cartel’s output for the first half of next year.1

OPEC’s strategy behind the decision not to cut back its production is to make U.S. shale oil production less profitable, thereby squeezing out some U.S. producers. Should that occur, OPEC hopes to regain dominance in the world oil market.2

For the time being, oil prices are lower than they have been in about 5 years, and that’s good news for consumers. I can assure you, that Oppure Oil will always pass our savings on to you, by offering the lowest price possible in our market area of North Central Massachusetts.






Winter Approaches

It’s a sure thing that we will experience some cold weather, here in New England, over the next several months. We’ve all been hearing forecasts of another long, cold, and snowy one.

Last year, they blamed it on the “Polar Vortex.” This year, they are talking “Omega Block.” In the past, we have heard about “El Niño” being the cause of our stormy, cold winters.  Call it what you will.  It is going to get cold.

You don’t have to be cold in your home, though. Oppure Oil, not only has the lowest price for home heating oil in Central Massachusetts; we also offer no-contract automatic delivery service.  When you order oil at our convenient, online Heating Oil Gateway, just check off “automatic delivery” to ensure that you never run out of oil. Based on your heating habits, and seasonal weather conditions, our sophisticated system lets us know when it is time to deliver to your home. You won’t have to think about it again this winter.

Our low home heating oil price is posted on our website daily, where you can learn more about our automatic delivery service.

Order today! We look forward to serving you.